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An interview with My Personal Estate Agent (mypea.net)

14th January 2014 – David Brevitt – My Personal Estate Agent

Question and Answer format:

Q. David Brevitt – Your name sounds familiar?

A. I hope so, as a local person, I have sold 1000s of homes in the South Birmingham and Solihull area over the past 30 years for such companies as Shipways, Bowens, Dixon Dobson & Carver, Rice estates and Heritage estate agents. My father Jim was also a successful Solicitor in these areas and my Sister Jane has now taken over Brevitts Solicitors after his retirement.

Q. Do estate agents earn too much money?

A. No, most estate agents I know earn less than the national average wage, work on Saturday and go out on evening appointments.

Q. Do estate agents charge too much money?

A. Interesting question – The Government generally charge far more than any estate agent for Stamp Duty, without providing any service whatsoever. Additionally, in an average market similar to the one we have experienced over the past 6 years estate agents only got paid for 50% of the work they did. I do not know any other business that work for nothing 50% of the time.

However, the internet has created cost saving opportunities as several expensive High Street Offices are no longer needed as around 95% of people now start their property search on line.

Q. On that basis are you able to substantially reduce your charges?

A. Yes, I aim to charge up to 50% less than the older established national estate agents who are committed to an out dated and very expensive multi-branch model. I also provide a better service.

Q. How can you charge so much less and provide a better service?

A. I called my Business My Personal Estate Agent because that is exactly what you get. The best person to sell your property is the person who listed it. This is very rare as most agencies then pass on the sale to a negotiator who you may never have met and who may not have even seen your property. I promise that I will deal with the whole transaction on a one to one basis. My clients love my personal approach. Check out my client reviews on this website.

Q. What about your marketing?

A. My marketing also extends to YouTube, the second largest search engine and Google Plus.

Q. YouTube?

A. Yes, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google (Google own YouTube) and it is essential for hosting my FREE walk through Actual Video Tours for sales and lettings through my parent company Bowens.

Q. You film and provide FREE Video Tours of all your properties for sale or let?

A. Yes. As far as I know, I am the only estate agent that is able to offer this FREE service in Birmingham.

Q. Really, it makes sense to me to pre-view a property with a real video tour. Why does no one else offer them?

A. The simple answer to that question is they do not know how to film or create their own video channel and are not aware of the major benefits that they provide!

Q. What major benefits?

A. Video Tours speed up the marketing process and save everyone time and effort as the viewing levels reduce but the offer levels remain the same. They are also available to view 24/7. Wouldn’t you be impressed if you contacted an estate agent for details of a property and you got a video tour sent back? My buyers, sellers and future tenants absolutely love them. On average, I get around 200 video view hits per property.

Q. It sounds like you have huge potential to grow your market share. How will you cope?

A. I will take on other experienced estate agents by invitation on a self-employed basis. They should be able to earn double the money, if they are successful.

All this can be achieved for a relatively small investment for marketing.

It now makes sense to share marketing costs through a brand such as mine that enables others to use their own name in conjunction with My Personal Estate Agent Brand as you could earn far more than you would by creating your own brand. Without the massive setting up, staffing and advertising costs associated with having your own business.

Q. Sounds like a good plan. I wish you every success in the future.

A. Thank you. I look forward to helping the Solihull and South Birmingham market in the future.